Systematic Investment Strategies (SIS) is a financial planning tool that helps you built wealth step by step over a period of time. This service plan will benefit our clients from the power of compounding and rupee-cost averaging.


Our Systematic Investment Strategies (SIS) services is designed for the clients who wants to invest a part of their saving every month in Indian stock market. By our (SIS) Plan we understand the need and risk taking capacity of each and every client, which differs from client to client so we have launched this service which will provide the liberty to our clients to explore the market by investing partial money every month rather than hard core investment in a single shot.

Our primary focus is to invest your money in quality business at fair price and also to find undervalued stocks which can create wealth on your investments.


In order to achieve desired return on your investment the minimum investing amount required will be Rs.9000 per month.

Features of the service:


  1. Monthly investment.
  2. Benefits of compounding effect.
  3. Benefits of rupee- cost averaging.
  4. Avoid speculations and market volatility.
  5. Diversified Portfolio.
  6. Managing Risk.

Value added services:


  1. Direct touch with Fundamental Research Analysts
  2. Recommendations via sms , email & app notifications in real time
  3. Research reports & updates via email
  4. Dedicated relationship manager
  5. Full support on your invested portfolio

Advantages of (SIS)


  1. Disciplined investing approach.
  2. Takes advantage of rupee cost averaging.
  3. Simple, convenient and easy to monitor.
  4. Benefits of compounding.
  5. Power of starting early.

Our Service Plan :

Classic Plan

15K + GST/Per Year

1) Rationale Reports with every call containing detail Research

2) Duration of every call last from 8 – 12 months

3) Personal support

4) Diversified Portfolio